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Jeremy Hermida drawing interest

According to Ken Rosenthal, there are some clubs interested in obtaining Jeremy Hermida's services.

Closer Kevin Gregg remains the Marlin most likely to be traded, and four teams already have inquired about right fielder Jeremy Hermida. The Marlins could open next season with Cameron Maybin in center and Cody Ross in right. They also could trade for a short-term right fielder as they await the arrivals of John Raynor and Scott Cousins, both of whom finished last season at Class AA and currently are playing in the Arizona Fall League.

The World Series hasn't even started and the Hot Stove is already starting to warmup.

The Marlins, should they, and it is definitely not certain, want to trade Hermida and keep Willingham, don't need a right fielder.  Cody can fill the spot admirably.

Beinfest said earlier in the offseason he wanted to give Hermida another year.  However, I'm sure if the price is right, he will quickly change his mind.

It's hard to imagine that Hermida will have a lot of stand alone trade value in garnering a major league ready player.  Especially since the Marlins will be unwilling to eat the salary of a veteran.

Hermida is still young and could blossom, but maybes generally don't bring that much in return.  If he is traded, it wouldn't bother me, assuming the price is right.