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Billy the Marlin got screwed

There really isn't a more delicate way to describe it.  All of you remember that voting in The Mascot Hall of Fame thing.  I know you do since we all voted early and often.  As it turns out the online voting didn't mean a thing.

Sarah Talalay reports:

Was Billy the Marlin robbed?

OK, not literally.


Billy, you see, was the winner of the popular online fan poll voting for the Mascot Hall of Fame, but he did not secure induction into the Hall.


That’s right, he won the online fan voting, but missed out on the Hall induction. The public vote plays only a small role in the voting. Nominees must receive at least 75 percent of the ballots cast by the hall’s executive committee.

This year’s inductees on the professional sports side are Rocky, the Denver Nuggets mascot, and Slider, of the Cleveland Indians.

Billy the Marlin was the fan favorite to be inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame, but in some smoke filled back room away from any public scrutiny he was denied the honor that should've been his.

It's one thing to overlook the Marlins baseball team for awards, but is completely another to diss Billy the Marlin on a national level.  Sad as it may be, let's face it, Billy has had more face time on ESPN than all of the Marlins players put together.  Past or present.

If Billy is nominated again, of course I will vote for him.  But the next time I won't hold any illusions that my vote really matters.

Oh, if you click on the main link, you can see some know nothing puppets announce the awards.  You will probably need to turn your speakers up if you want to hear the audio.

On second thought, double click the video to get to the You Tube page and leave a comment.  The comments are being watched closely by The Mascot Hall of Fame.  They deserve to hear about the travesty engendered.