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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Ten)

Well, it has finally come to this: Game Seven of the series.  

The only game: Red Sox (Lester) at Rays (Garza), 8:07 p.m.

Tonight's game features the same starting pitchers as in Game Three of the series.  In that game Garza got the win and Lester took the loss. 

If you are pulling for the Rays, I kinda like the Christopher Walken strategy proposed last night:  'What is needed is more cowbells.'  Makes sense to me.

I guess if you are Red Sox supporter, the same or fewer cowbells would be preferable.

Now what do cowbells have to do with the outcome of a baseball game....well, uh,...nothing.  But it sounds good.  

Best of Luck to You!




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FishStriper BOS@TB Player AAB
GameFish TB Longoria Garza: QS, W
Hurricane TB Garza Rays pen: W
LadyFish TB Upton Garza: QS, W
Spud TB Longoria Rays pen: W
Stlcardinalsfan BOS Ortiz Ortiz: HR
Weird Vic TB Upton Upton: 2+ H, 1+ RBI