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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Nine)

The Rays are going to try this winning the series thing again, tonight.  While the Red Sox are hoping that all press clippings about them being the franchise, ever. are true.

The only game: Red Sox (Beckett) at Rays (Shields), 8:07 p.m.

So far Shields has been outstanding in the playoffs, posting a 1.17 ERA thus far.  Shields normally does his best work at the Trop.

Beckett is still fighting that oblique strain of his.  Which means he hasn't been his usual dominate self.  The speed on his fast ball has dropped by more than 3 mph.  His breaking pitches haven't been sharp and are just rolling over in the strike zone.  None of this is his fault, he is just hurt.

Best of Luck to You!          





MLB Postseason on SB Nation



FishStriper BOS@TB Player AAB
GameFish TB Longoria Shields: QS, W
Hurricane TB Shields Longoria: 2+ H
LadyFish TB Shields Longoria: 1+ RBI; Upton: 1+ RBI; Game: 2+ HR
Spud TB Longoria Game: back-to-back HR
Stlcardinalsfan TB Longoria Longoria: walk-off HR
Weird Vic TB Upton Upton & Longoria: 2+ H each