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Chum Bucket

There isn't a game today and so we get the pleasure of having another Chum Bucket.  Woo Hoo!

If you are looking for sports I think Hawaii is visiting the blue field of Boise State and in the past that has been a fun game to watch.

Or you could talk about how the Rays defense was just pathetic in the final few innings of last night's game.  Then again, you could look to the future and wonder if last night's loss will have any effect on our neighbors from the north.  Personally, I don't think it will.  Being, for the most part, as young they are, it will be just water rolling off a duck's back.  But you never know.

Of course, here at FishStripes we aren't just about sports, though that does get the best response.  We are also into movies, music, theater, books, gardening and knitting.  (I have no idea if the previous sentence is true, but it sounded good.)

As always, Chum Bucket is an Open Thread, so feel free to discuss anything you like.

Have a Great Day!