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Fangraphs reviews Chris Volstad

Marc Hulet gives a review of Chris Volstad's season.  Actually he covers more players than just Volstad, but you will need to click on the link to read the others.

Chris Volstad has always had a high profile as a former first round selection (16th overall) out of high school in 2005. He posted solid - but unspectacular - minor league numbers, mainly because of a low strikeout rates due to a reliance on the groundball. As he matures as a pitcher, he may strikeout more batters. Volstad allowed 193 hits in 168 2007 minor league innings, but rebounded to allow just 76 hits in 84.1 Major League innings. At 6-8 and 225 pounds, he has the body to be a workhorse for years to come and could be a more dominating Major League pitcher, than minor league, due to improved defence behind him.

Improved defense behind him?

It is true that Volstad is a sinker ball pitcher and relies on the guys behind him to make plays.  But the disturbing thing is that the Marlins on the 25-man roster are considered to be that much better as defensive players than the ones in the minors.

I've seen the Marlins play defense, and frankly, it is not their speciality.  It kinda makes me wonder what the heck are the coaches teaching down on the farm where the big club is a major improvement when it comes to fielding the ball.

That is not the big club's forte.

I've seen Andino and Carroll in the field, and they are quite good.  But are they just the exception to rule?

In the long run, if the Marlins want to get better defensively they need to teach it in the lower levels of the organization.

Yes, I understand that the more years a player has under his belt, up to a point, the better he will probably be at his position in the field.  But it isn't encouraging to find out the guys on the farm have no range.