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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Seven)

Life and the day job are getting in the way of the blog, but there is time enough to get out a sad excuse for the Open Thread.

The Dodgers are looking to keep the series going while the Phillies are trying to punch their ticket to the series.

The only game: Phillies (Hamels) at Dodgers (Billingsley), 8:22 p.m.

If the Dodgers are planning on winning, they are going to need to do it with pitching and defense since the offense probably won't score too many runs.  In Hamels last 11 starts he has only allowed more than 2 ER once.  The boy is a quality start throwing machine.  Of course he rarely goes past seven innings, so the Dodgers could go with the beat up the bullpen theory.

Billingsley couldn't control anything in his first start against the Phillies and therefore lasted only 2.1 innings.  Billingsley has the tools to keep the Phillies in check, assuming he shows up with them.  And if he does, this could turn into a pitchers dual for the first seven or so innings..  And after that, if the Dodgers bullpen does come in, they don't need to continue that competition of trying to see who can blow the biggest lead.

Hopefully FishStripes will return to normal tomorrow.


Best of Luck to You!




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FishStriper PHI@LAD Player AAB
Hurricane PHI Burrell Phillies: 2 HR w/ 1 Utley
Jrsyeagle LAD Loney Hamels: 6+ K, 2+ R
LadyFish LAD Loney Dodgers pen: W
Spud LAD Martin Game: 2B=DP
Stlcardinalsfan PHI Hamels Hamels: QS, W
Weird Vic PHI Victorino Billingsley: IP < 5; Phillies: H > 9