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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Three)

The League Championship Series continues tonight in Saint Petersburg.  And hopefully with a different result.  Now, you maybe for Boston, and that is cool, but I am not.  

The only game: Red Sox (Beckett) at Rays (Kazmir), 8:07 p.m.

Rooting against Beckett is foreign to me, but there are times one must do something that is completely against their nature in this life.  (Anyone buying that explanation?)

I could go into why I tear up a bit every time Kazmir pitches, but then again, that is water under the bridge.

Do the usual: pick the team who you think will win the game, a player of the game and some sort of an Above and Beyond pick.  You know, just the way you have done so many times before.

Have a Great Weekend!  And as always, Best of Luck to You!




MLB Postseason on SB Nation


FishStriper BOS@TB Player AAB
Brickell TB Beckett Game: R ≤ 4
Hurricane BOS Beckett Pedroia: 5 OB
LadyFish TB Iwamura Kazmir: QS
Spud TB Longoria Rays: 2B+DP=3+
Stlcardinalsfan BOS Beckett Game: time < 2:40