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Marlins Crap

It is Friday and with the playoffs in full swing, there isn't much to report.  Oh sure, I could've put together a statistics laden post that may have, or not, shown some insight into the Marlins season.  But that would've taken work and some thought, and that ain't gonna happen today, if ever.

So instead I decided to take the easy road and go with a Marlins Crap post.  Maybe in your life it is different, but in mine, laziness always seems to win out.

Without any other further ado: Here is the Marlins Crap post.

The first one I stumbled upon was this:

MLB Florida Marlins III black silk ties.

The promotion on the site has this to say:

Come celebrate America’s greatest past time, baseball! This delightful necktie celebrates the rich history of the Florida Marlins. Featured within is a stylish pattern of the Marlins’ logo across a rich 100% silk black jacquard background. For true Marlins fans with good taste, few ties look better. Go Marlins!

The good taste part is debatable.

Then it occurred to me that most of the FishStripers, probably, aren't big into wearing ties.

Therefore the search continued.  And then I found this:

Florida Marlins Black Three-Pack Golf Club Headcovers

This site pitches its product in the following way;

Show off your true fanaticism while playing a round with these cushioned sock golf club head covers! Each box includes numbers 1,3 and X.

Of course, golf may not be the leisure activity of choice by anybody who reads this site.  But it does help fill up a post.

Hopefully, we won't have many more Marlins Crap post during the offseason.  But you never know.

And that ends today's Marlins Crap post.  I really need to work on the laziness thing and I get right on it, in the next decade, or two.