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The Marlins and Hooters

It turns out the Marlins and Hooters of America have something in common -- software.

Ultimate Software (Nasdaq:ULTI), a leading provider of end-to-end strategic human resources, payroll, and talent management solutions, announced today that Hooters of America is achieving strategic benefits and efficiencies with UltiPro's workforce analytics, online open enrollment, and Web self-service for managers and employees.


Ultimate Software customers represent diverse industries and include such organizations as....The Florida Marlins Baseball

Now, someone more devilishly clever than me could make this post more interesting.  Actually, to really tell the truth, I could too.  But I won't.

I will leave that up to you.

Won't be nice when I, finally, get all my ducks in-a-row and start writing about baseball again and quit going for the lowest common denominator.

But then again, there is no promise that I won't go for the lowest common denominator when I get to turn my full attention back to the site. Wouldn't want to give you false hopes.