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Stadium Radio Spots

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As advertised the radio spots decrying the funding of a baseball stadium for the Marlins took place.

While I didn't hear them personally I have been informed that if you listened to radio at all yesterday they were all over the airwaves.

Sarah Talalay had this to say:

Norman Braman's ad campaign hit the radio airwaves Monday. The auto dealer and former Philadelphia Eagles owner has formed People Who Demand Honest Government to pay for a series of ads over the next three days aimed at encouraging Miami-Dade County residents to urge their commissioners to vote No on a propsed Marlins stadium financing plan and other projects.


What's raised the ire of Braman is the county's and city of Miami's wide-ranging plan, approved last month, to expand the boundaries and extend the life of Miami's Community Redevelopment Agencies to fund millions of dollars in projects, including paying off the debt on the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, thereby freeing up hotel taxes to pay for the ballpark. CRAs are designed to collect property taxes in blighted areas to revitalize needy neighborhoods.


The ads urge residents to call county commissioners before Thursday's scheduled vote on the ballpark financing plan. But don't be surprised if a vote on the plan is delayed - not because of Braman's ads, but because terms of the deal are still being negotiated. As always, stay tuned...

Ms. Talalay is very plugged into the pulse of the local governments and if she says the plan could be delayed once again -- then it probably will.  Just like we need another delay.