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Cantu agreement reached

As Jrsyeagle's MLB buddies said, Cantu will most likely be a Marlin. has learned from a Major League Baseball Players Association source that the Marlins reached agreement on Thursday with Cantu on a one-year contract worth $500,000, plus incentives that could tack on another $100,000 based on plate appearances.


The deal is expected to be announced as early as Friday.

It is true I like the Cantu (possible) addition to the Marlins more than I did Castillo's, at least as ball player.  But let's face it, both are pitiful substitutes for Cabrera when it comes to hitting.

As Dan shared in the comments last night:

Will (Atlanta): The ESPN Rumor Mill has the Marlins apparantly choosing Jorge Cantu over Dallas McPherson to play 3B. Who would be the better signing, and do either player have any chance to becoming a solid regular?

 Keith Law: Well, since Cantu flat-out sucks, it's McPherson by default.

I don't think the Marlins will continue to pursue McPherson, though I could be wrong about that but if I counted correctly Cantu's addition brings the Marlins 40-man roster to 40.