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More rankings of the Marlins

Another day, another ranking of the Marlins.

This time it is an overall power ranking of the team.

28. Florida Marlins- Young. The Fish are young and cheap. In the offseason, they traded their two "building blocks": Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis were sent to Detroit for potential superstars Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin. They also snagged Mike Rabelo, who is in line to start at catcher for them according to their web site. The rotation will not be good, but it is salvageable. If Miller, Scott Olsen, and Ricky Nolasco mature quickly, they could be difference makers. A wild card is Josh Johnson, who had a great 2006 but battled injuries last year. Hanley Ramirez is one of the best players in baseball, and Dan Uggla is a good bat. We all know Florida can recognize and grow talent, so this team may be a big surprise.

I have read many on these types of rankings and the first thing that stands out in almost everyone of them, is they think Johnson will be in the rotation on opening day.  I really wish these guys would realize that more than likely, he won't pitch at all for the Marlins this season.

The other thing is Nolasco, it is possible he will be ready to go at the start of the season, but it is far from guaranteed that he will begin the season as a starter.

Not to mention that the pieces from the trade with Detroit, may or may not be ready for the show.  They could be, of course.  But that remains yet to be seen.

I really don't blame the author of the post for not knowing this, especially since the nationwide coverage of the Marlins is pretty dismal.

His final point is correct in that the team could surprise.  But only if the starters can put together 5+ solid innings with regularity, the bullpen continues to build on the success from last year and the guys continue to hit.

But still, 28th isn't a bad first guess for a prediction in the offseason.