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Puerto Rico is baaack - Maybe

As Mbaamin posted in yesterday's Chum Bucket, the Puerto Rico home dates are still under consideration.

That's right, the Michael Myers of really bad ideas has once again come back to life.

The Marlins may play a home series against the New York Mets in Puerto Rico after all.

Discussions to move a three-game set (May 25-27) from Dolphin Stadium to San Juan's Hiram Bithorn Stadium have been resuscitated after flat-lining last month. The Marlins, who would not comment on the talks, would need to have a deal in place no later than a week from Saturday. That's when single-game tickets go on sale for the first time at FanFest.

Let's see, what is probably the worse thing MLB and the club could do that will make a stadium deal harder to come by, since raising ticket prices?  I know, take a home stand away from the Fish.

But here is the weird part, according to the schedule, the Marlins don't play the Mets on May 25-27.  The Marlins are scheduled to play the Mets the 26-28 in New York, not Florida.

So who knows what is going on, if anything.