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Dontrelle Willis - Car Wash Owner?

I normally don't follow former Marlins very much at all, but this intrigued me.

This author(s) actually made it out to Dontrelle Willis's going away party.

Last Thursday the Park Sports Club at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino threw a going-away party for Willis. Riptide expected teary fans, a slew of models, and sports agents having to pry the man of the hour out the door. But it was, um, anticlimactic.

"I still live here!" he said...


Willis, ever the gentleman, wouldn't comment about whether the Marlins had gotten their money's worth in the trade. (The team acquired four solid young players, two of whom don't even have Wikipedia entries yet.) "They're good talent," Willis said. "They're in the same boat I was in a couple years ago."

Nor would he dish any dirt on the team he was leaving: "I'm still friends with them. I wish them all the best."


And what will he do with all of that extra cash -- $29 million over three years? "I don't know," he said, looking honestly befuddled. "Give it to my family?"

What about investing in other business ventures -- you know, like Dan Marino and NutriSystem, or Tim Hardaway and that car wash?

"Ooh, a car wash sounds pretty cool," he said thoughtfully. "I'm always at the car wash, so I might as well buy one."

(emphasis is mine)

I'm going to miss Dontrelle if for no other reason, and there are plenty other reasons to miss him, than the classic quotes like the one above.

So be looking for a D-Train's All-Star Clean Cars near you.