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Stadium News - Sort of

What's a day without a stadium report.  In this one the Mayor is defending his position.

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz says he's ''confident we will prevail'' against a Norman Braman lawsuit that potentially threatens the Marlins' stadium, and adamantly defends the controversial decision not to let the public vote on building the $525 million ballpark.

The Marlins privately are optimistic the project won't be derailed, but clearly cannot be certain. And a few issues remain -- including financing for a parking garage and $2 million in annual stadium upkeep. The deal must be done by this spring for a 2011 ballpark opening.


''There's a sense this should have been up for a vote,'' Diaz admitted. ``There's a sense that all of the meetings we had surrounding the negotiations should be with 50 [reporters] sitting around watching us negotiate. None of those are true.

``There's no legal requirement for any of this to be subject to a referendum. It's within the purview of the county and city to determine where tourist tax dollars go. . . . It's not like I'm taking money from anybody who lives in Little Havana to build this thing.''

We will see if there is no legal requirement or not.  'Cause this thing is going before a judge.  Guaranteed.

Oh, one interesting thing in the article.

Diaz said he wouldn't build a $100 million soccer stadium next to the proposed Marlins park unless he is assured Major League Soccer will award Miami a team. That hasn't happened yet, ``but they're very interested.''

Does that also mean, if the soccer stadium isn't built, that there will be no parking garage?  From my understanding the city needed the extra dates that the soccer stadium would provide in order for the structure to pay for itself.

Should the parking garage be jettison from the proposal and since Gamefish brought it up, here is the plan:  on opening day, get to park early and find the lawn in Little Havana that offers you the best parking location for your seats.  Be sure to tell the family that you have season tickets and would like to park there for 81 games.  Make a down payment for future parking.  Then no worries, the next game when you go to park on your desired lawn, there will be a sign saying:  Parking for Gamefish ONLY!  All others will be CRUSHED and MELTED!

See, it is a simple solution to the problem.