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Marlins lineup projections

David Pinto of Baseball Musings fame, used his lineup tool and Tango Tigers Marcel the Monkey predictions to project the Marlins runs per game for 2008.

In 2007, the Marlins scored 4.88 runs per game.


  • Best: 4.85 runs per game
  • Given: 4.64 runs per game
  • Worst: 4.28 runs per game

David used an average for last year's pitchers performances at the plate.  I haven't tried to duplicate his numbers, so I have no idea whether he included Dontrelle or not.

In the calculations he used Camron Maybin as the center fielder, which may end up being the case.  But at this time, I'm not completely sure that will come to pass.

If one were to use Cody Ross in center, the best number increases to 4.94 runs per game, with a given of 4.74. and a low number of 4.37.

So what does this all mean?  Not much really.  Or at least nothing that wasn't previously known.  The Marlins aren't predicted to be as good on offensive as they were with Miguel Cabrera in the lineup.  Well, duh.

But they won't be horrible either.

Mainly, it is something fun to do in the offseason.  Oh, the really interesting thing is that whomever mans center field, the lineup tool says Hermida should leadoff.