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It's time for the Thursday Chum Bucket.  Yaaaay!

I knew you were waiting on it.  It's the Chum Bucket that is the prelude to my second most favorite Chum Bucket of the week.

Feel free to discuss anything from MLB baseball to bowl games or why is it so stinking cold in Florida.  All, and more, are fair game.

Last night on my usual Wednesday night dinner with a family member we ended up watching the Fiesta Bowl.  And as luck would have it there were several older men who were Oklahoma fans in the place and they couldn't believe their eyes.  As West Virginia kept rolling up the points they kept saying: "This can't be right.  We should be beating them by at least 7 touchdowns."

I guess schadenfreude isn't good for the soul, but it felt right last night.  

Chum Bucket is ready to go.

And as always, Have a Great Day!