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A Marlin makes the USA Today's best players

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And no, it is not who you think.

What the USA Today Sports Weekly is trying to do is put together the best team possible for MLB's average payroll.  This year it was $87 million.

Last year Cabrera was the lone Marlins player on the team but I guess that "bump" in payroll he received through arbitration took him out of the running for this year's team.  That or A-Rod's stats were so much better per dollar, in the eyes of the USA Today voters, that it justified them dropping Cabrera from the team.

You decide.

But the Marlins did get a player on the team, albeit in a backup role.

Super-utility player

Alfredo Amezaga, Marlins

Amezaga can cover just about any spot in the infield and outfield, and his speed (13 stolen bases) and center-field ability make him especially attractive while being paid the major league minimum of $380,000. Last year: Ty Wigginton, Rays.

Congrats Alfredo!

I will admit the USA Today did put together a good team given their guidelines.  But being a Marlins fan, I really don't think it's that hard to put together a good team for $87 million especially when you get to pick and choose across all the teams in the Majors and you only have to pay them for one year.

Nonetheless, Alfredo made the squad.