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Marlins still looking for a third baseman

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As Jrsyeagle brought up in yesterday's Chum Bucket, it appears that Jose Castillo could see some competition for a spot on the field.

Former Tampa Rays second baseman Jorge Cantu looks like the next addition. Steve Canter, Cantu's Los Angeles-based agent, said Wednesday the two sides were "pretty far along" on a deal.

"It's a situation that's intriguing to Jorge," Canter said. "There's a definite connection here. A lot of the front office that was in Tampa is over in Florida now and they're fully aware of his abilities. He had a really strong finish to the season, so he'll get a lot of interest from several clubs, but this could end up working out."

In addition to Cantu, the Marlins were in talks with Dallas McPherson, the former super prospect who became a free agent when the Angels non-tendered him last month.

Cantu is at the very least more promising than Castillo given that he has at least done something in his baseball career.

Cantu wouldn't mind manning third for the Marlins. As recently as 2005 he hit .286 with 28 homers and 117 RBI for the Rays. The numbers plummeted to .249-14-62 in 185 fewer at-bats in 2006 and Cantu ultimately lost his starting job last spring.

McPherson is a bit more iffy.  He was a top prospect earlier in his career but missed all of last season after undergoing back surgery to remove a herniated disc in his lower back.  The Angels eventually non-tendered him during the offseason.

"We had a lot of conversations a week and a half ago," McPherson said. "They're one of the top three or four teams on my list. They seemed to have a lot of concern about my health and we went in opposite directions. I don't know if they're interested any more."

I would welcome any competition between either of the two with Castillo.  Especially since I'm still extremely puzzled why the Marlins signed Castillo in the first place.

So much for that laying off Castillo in the future posts pledge I made a few days ago.  As the character John Wayne plays in the movie Big Jake said "Times change".

Jorge Cantu stats

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