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Henry Owens to start throwing

Henry Owens will begin throwing next week.

Marlins reliever Henry Owens, who holds a degree in biology from Barry University, required no further explanation when orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews informed him in August that he had torn the supraspinatus in his right shoulder.

Owens not only knew it to be a muscle in his rotator cuff from his human anatomy classes, but also could spell it correctly without hesitation. The difficult part for Owens is knowing that the surgically repaired muscle is putting a damper on his big-league career.

''I hope to get back sometime this season, that's my goal,'' Owens said.

The 28-year-old right-hander, whom the Marlins thrust into the closer's role briefly after Jorge Julio struggled, is scheduled to resume throwing Monday as he begins his comeback from rotator cuff surgery last fall.

Don't look for Henry to rejoin the team until after the All-Star break, if then.

Owens may spend most of this season, when he is ready to go, in the minors.  It is really tough to estimate how quickly a pitcher will recover from shoulder surgery or how they will perform once they do.

Wishing Henry all the luck, and it will be to nice to get him back once he returns to form.