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Marlins considering Wes Helms?

Since the Phillies are close to a deal with Pedro Feliz, they may be looking to move Wes Helms.

Helms could be moved to clear space on the 40-man roster. He had been speculated to be heading to Florida to replace departed third baseman Miguel Cabrera, though the Marlins have since acquired former Rays second baseman Jorge Cantu to play third.

I know there was interest in Helms earlier in the offseason.  But now that the Marlins have signed Castillo and Cantu I can't imagine Helms still fits into the plans.

Nothing against Helms, he did a good job for the Marlins in 2006, but exactly how many third baseman does one team need.  If the Marlins are seriously considering Helms it's more than likely they see him as backup first baseman and to platoon some at third.

I don't know, but I doubt he will be part of the 2008 Marlins organization.  Could be wrong, I am a lot.