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Andrew Miller begins workouts

Andrew Miller needs some new clothes.

New Marlins pitcher Andrew Miller, playing catch along with 30 teammates at an informal workout Monday, was easy to spot: He was the guy wearing the long-sleeved Detroit Tigers shirt.

"It was a little chilly this morning,'' said Miller, obtained from the Tigers last month in the deal that sent Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera to Detroit.

"I thought about taking a marker to (the Tigers logo). But I only ended up wearing it for five minutes. I just don't have all my Marlins gear and I have a ton of Detroit stuff, stuff I'm basically not allowed to wear any more."

Miller, a 6-foot-6 left-hander, is projected for a spot in the middle of the rotation. But he said he is not assuming he's a lock for a starting job.

"I know I won't just be handed that opportunity," he said. "(It will) depend on how I'm pitching in spring training, how I perform and how I act."

Oh, but he will be handed the job.  That is, assuming he doesn't implode in spring training.

Let's assume that all the reports about his talent are accurate and that he lands a spot in the rotation from day one of the season.  If that happens, there is no way, or at least there shouldn't be, that he will finish the season in the rotation.

Miller highest total of innings thrown at the Major League level is 64.  If he comes into his own next season, the club will need to shut him down in September or risk adding another pitcher to Dr. Andrew's Christmas card list.

Hopefully he will be monitored more closely than the young arms were in 2006.

Trivia note: Miller, Rabelo and Maybin are sharing an apartment in Palm Beach Gardens for spring training.