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Top 100 Treasures

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This has absolutely nothing to do with baseball.

Producing the annual 100 Top Treasures list is more than reporting on and writing about the best art objects that have been sold or donated over a year's time (July 2006-June 2007).


3 Modernist Miami
Although Fernand Léger (1881-1955) was long known for Cubist works that were on par with those of Picasso and Braque, it was only after World War II that he adopted a particularly distinctive style that was decidedly less abstract and made use of contrasting cylindrical and rectilinear forms. And closer to the end of his life, he was especially fascinated by the creation of sculptural figures whose forms were rendered in bold black lines emerging from white and sometimes red backgrounds. In December 2006, collector Jeffrey Loria, the owner of the Florida Marlins, donated "Femmes aux Perroquet" ("Women with Parrot"), a painted bronze sculpture, to the Miami Art Museum (MAM). "Because of Jeffrey's remarkable generosity, visitors to MAM will be able to see exactly why Léger is considered one of the great Modernist European artists of the 20th century," says Mary Frank, president of the museum's board of trustees. Terence Riley, the museum's director, adds that Loria's gift, which is valued at $2 million, is one of the "landmarks in MAM's history." --D.M.

I'm sure the MAM is very happy with the gift and it is a very nice contribution to make to the local art community by Loria.  Which is a good thing.

Has anyone seen the sculpture?