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Hendrickson has surgery

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Eye surgery that is.

Somehow, York County's Mark Hendrickson has pitched in the majors the past five seasons with terrible vision in one eye and only mediocre vision in the other.


But his eyes were getting worse.


...he had laser eye surgery a couple of weeks ago. He signed with a new team, the Florida Marlins, last week.

And he feels like he has a new lease on his baseball life.


His vision is now 20-15 - better than most. He couldn't believe streetlights and neon signs were always this bright.

I glad the surgery went well and all, but I'm not convinced that it is really going to improve the pitching numbers of a guy who has a career 5.01 ERA and a .292 BAA.

But then again, improving one's ability to see worked for Rick Vaughn.  So you never know.

However, I will say this: the Marlins signing a player who just had laser surgery was a bit risky from my experience.  A friend of mine, and no, I'm not in the Mob, had the procedure and almost lost his vision.  It took many followups to rescue his eyesight and he still wears glasses to this day.  I'm sure that isn't the normal outcome, but it does happen.