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Stadium News - Sort of

You remember that the county commissioners were scheduled to vote on the stadium proposal tomorrow well..... its notta gonna happen.

Another week, another delay. Representatives of the Marlins, Major League Baseball, Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami are still negotiating a $525 million deal for a ballpark for the Marlins, but it won't be ready - again - in time for Tuesday's scheduled vote of the county commission.

Those involved still believe the outstanding issues can be resolved and the framework of the financing plan is in place. Among the biggest unresolved issues is who will pay for a 6,000-space parking garage


County Commission Chairman Bruno Barreiro said if a Baseball Stadium Agreement is completed soon, the commission could consider it at its Feb. 5 meeting or at a special meeting, if commissioners agree to hold one.

Welcome to delay number three.  Should the county commissioners vote to pass the plan, it will still require the City of Miami to approve it.

In the meantime, the clock keeps ticking.