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Stadium News - Sort of

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Photi does a much better job of breaking down where the stadium plan stands than I did.

Meet the New Plan - Not Same as the Old Plan

Check it out.

If that wasn't bad enough, everyone and their dog is voicing concerns about the deal.

We get this one from the County Finances writer for the Miami Herald.

Then there is this one from a self-proclaimed Fish fan.

And finally we learn that parking on the lawns of Little Havana residents will still be in vogue, if not necessary.  Not to mention the City has, at this point, no intentions of acquiring the land around the Orange Bowl site for development.  You know, restaurants, bars, hotels and such.  I do want to say that I don't have a problem with augmenting the residents of Little Havana's income by them charging parking fees to park on their lawns.   It just strikes me as odd that one would build a new facility without enough parking given that mass transit doesn't directly service the proposed stadium.

It gets worse.  (Read Below)