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No Stadium, No Players?

This is getting ridiculous.

Much of the long-term stability of the franchise centers on the push for a new retractable-roof stadium. The clear centerpiece of the franchise is Ramirez, who will become arbitration-eligible after the '08 season. Unless a new building is in place in the not too distant future, the Marlins will have to make a tough decision regarding whether they can carry Ramirez through arbitration into free agency. If the organization feels it can't, it will be forced to consider making more tough decisions. Ramirez, however, isn't the only one looking at arbitration for the first time after '08. Some others include Uggla, Willingham, Jacobs and Olsen.

Now we are being told that if a stadium doesn't happen it is possible that the Marlins will start trading players when they reach arbitration eligible status or soon there after.  I have no idea whether this is an empty threat by the organization in order to get the stadium deal done or not.  But I do know this, they traded Dontrelle and Cabrera with arbitration years still left.  This is getting sick and not in the good way.

There is infinitely more to say on the topic but time does not permit and also at this point it is just speculation.  But still.