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Marlins Spring Training

Since I was asked about this over the holidays, here it is:

The Florida Marlins Spring Training Schedule

Season tickets are now on sale along with group tickets and 5+ game plans.  Individual tickets go on sale January 26.

An interesting note to the above or possibly a boring one: I was asked about the spring training schedule by my sister who lives in Florida and who had come to town along with her wonderful family for a brief holiday visit.  During the discussion, while waiting in the restaurant to be seated, a man with his son asked if we were Marlins fans, which kinda took me by surprise since as some you know, I don't live in Florida.  Of course we answered Yes, and he went on to tell us how he is good friends with Cody Ross' dad and that Cody comes by his house whenever he is in New Mexico.  That was about the sum total of the information was able to gather, other than their names which I won't disclose here.

I'm not sure the real point of telling you this other than it doesn't happen everyday where I live.

Anyway, the Spring Training Schedule is out and tickets are now up for sale with the exception of individual seats which will soon follow.