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Anibal Sanchez likely not ready

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Somewhat assuaging my concerns, Joe Capozzi pens this today.

Sanchez, who made just six starts last year after winning 10 games and throwing a no-hitter as a rookie in 2006, said he will begin a throwing program Monday, a key step in his comeback from shoulder surgery that ended his season in June.

But it's a first step. Although the Marlins had hoped he could compete for a rotation spot this spring, Sanchez said Tuesday at Roger Dean Stadium that he is not even sure when he'll be able to throw at full strength.

"I came here early because I'm still doing rehab. But I will not be ready for (the start of) spring training,'' said Sanchez, who was working on conditioning exercises with strength and conditioning director Paul Fournier.

Sanchez said he will start throwing Monday from 45 feet, working his way to 75 feet. Extending the distance will depend on how his shoulder feels.

If he is just about ready to start throwing, there is next to no way he will be ready for the start of the season.

The article goes on.

Asked if he anticipated being able to pitch competitively at some point this spring, he said: "I don't know yet. I will start throwing Monday and see how I feel.''

Oh, I hope they aren't completely leaving it up to Sanchez to determine whether he is ready to go or not.  There is one thing I have learned about the young players when they are left in charge of evaluating their health: They Lie!

Someone else needs to be watching him very closely, because what he will claim and what his performance may be showing could be two completely different things.

In case you were wondering about the grievance claim from last year, it still hasn't been decided.

A spokesman for the union said Tuesday the grievance has not been resolved.

I still think he has a case.  If I and others could see his shoulder wasn't right, surely the team could see it too.