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Marlins games more costly

As you probably know, if you didn't lock into season tickets, it will cost you more to attend a Marlins game next season.

...the Marlins already have authorized a hike, from $1 to $5 for all individual game tickets except batter's box and $9 Fishtank seats, which are unchanged. Dolphin Stadium is raising individual Marlins game parking from $10 to $15.

When a team finishes 30th out of 30 teams in attendance, and trades away its most expensive and popular players there is only one thing to do: increase prices.

Yeah, that will help.

I do understand that parking prices are, for the most part, out of their control and they are just trying to not lose money in order to make sure that Hizengua gets his ridiculous cut.  However, this a recipe to make sure the Marlins will hold on to last place honors one more time.