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Sanchez possibly in the starting rotation

Anibal Sanchez has a chance to be in the starting rotation at the start of the season.

RHP Anibal Sanchez is progressing nicely in his rehabilitation from shoulder surgery he underwent last June.


For now, the team is not planning on Sanchez being in the rotation in April. That could change if he shows adequate progress in spring training.

I will be very surprised if Anibal starts the season in the Marlins rotation.  Maybe surprised isn't the right word, concerned, worried, apprehensive or anxious would be better words.  

It's one thing to bring a pitcher back from Tommy John surgery after the normal 12-18 months recovery time.  It is completely another to bring one back from shoulder surgery.  Shoulders are very complicated things and rushing someone back can be a disaster.  Not just for the season, but for the player's career.

Hopefully, that will be taken into account.