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Piazza wants to be a Marlin

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Mike Piazza wouldn't mind playing close to home.

We hear Dan Lozano, South Florida resident Mike Piazza's agent, told the Marlins the former All-Star catcher would welcome finishing his career here. But the Marlins (content with Mike Rabelo/Matt Treanor) have shown no interest, largely because of defense. Piazza -- who was a Marlin for one week in 1998 -- hit .275 with eight homers and 44 RBI as Oakland's designated hitter in 2007.

I'm glad to hear to Marlins aren't interested.  It's not that Piazza can't still hit, he can.  But the Marlins problems aren't they can't score runs, it's they play lousy defense along with the starting pitching problems.  Even with Cabrera being traded to the Tigers, the offense should be able to score runs and the addition of Piazza wouldn't address the problems the Marlins have.

Though it has been tried time after time and to no avail. The lesson remains the same: there is no way that the offense can make up for poor starting pitching and a bad defense.