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Marlins interested in Luis Gonzalez

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As Jrsyeagle reported in the comments, the Marlins have some interest in Luis Gonzalez.

The Marlins, envisioning the five-time All-Star as a veteran mentor who would play both left field and first base, are expected to resume discussions with the free agent's representatives on Thursday.
Gonzalez, 40, also is drawing consideration from the Brewers, and could fit in with the Mariners if Seattle trades Jones. While Gonzalez might prefer to sign with a contender rather than the Marlins, he also considers playing time a priority.

After finishing last season with 2,502 hits, Gonzalez could approach 3,000 if he continues producing into his mid-40s. The milestone -- an unofficial standard for the Hall of Fame -- is a longshot. Gonzalez, however, believes he can contribute in a more meaningful way than he did for the Dodgers last season.

After signing with the Dodgers as a free agent, Gonzalez appeared in 139 games, his second-lowest total since 1995. He batted .278 with 15 homers and 68 RBIs.

And for the life of me, I can't figure out why.  First off, this isn't some Wade Boggs and Tampa Bay scenario where he needs just a few more hits to reach 3000.  There is no way if he signs a one-year deal with the Marlins that he will get 488 hits.  All he will do is take at-bats away from Willingham and Jacobs, two players the Marlins need to continue to evaluate.

Gonzalez could get some playing time with the Marlins, if history is any indicator, since Willingham and Jacobs are often injured.  But I highly doubt he would be willing to play for "Oh, please, just let me play the game money."   And that is all the Marlins can, or at least in this in case, should afford.

While I wouldn't mind having a veteran position player in the clubhouse, Gonzalez won't be satisfied with just that role.  And the Marlins don't need him taking playing time away from young players.

Rosenthal reports in another article that the Brewers and the possibility that the Mariners have an interest in Gonzalez, and those two teams could actually compete to make the playoffs.  Which sure beats the heck beats out of playing in front of a few thousand fans.

Luis Gonzalez has no business being on the Marlins 25-man roster, for his sake and ours.