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Center Field

If I had any time to do so, I would link to John Fogerty's song "Center Field", but then again you have probably heard it enough.

Anyway, Cody is going to get most of the starts in center for the rest of the season.

Cody Ross made his fourth consecutive start (third in center) Wednesday. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Ross has earned the playing time. He is 7 for his past 16 (.437) with three doubles and three homers, raising his on-base plus slugging percentage to 1.076 in 127 at-bats.

Conversely, rookie Alejandro De Aza is hitless in his past 22 at-bats and 2 for his past 32 (.063). Ross and De Aza will get most of the starts in center through season's end with Reggie Abercrombie getting some time there, Gonzalez said.

I don't have a problem with Cody starting in center, though I do miss the energy that Alfredo brings to ball club.  But I do find that the team is going to give Abercrombie some time in center curious.  I can understand that De Aza had his shot and failed, no problem.  But so has Abercrombie, unless something changed while he was in Triple-A.

Personally, I would rather see Carroll spelling Cody.  Brett was up for less than a month earlier this season and sure, he didn't exactly knock the cover off the ball, but his batting average was climbing in the last few games.  Abercrombie has been given a decent shot, so why not give Carroll a chance.

Yes, I know, that Abercrombie has five-tool potential but he hasn't shown in the Bigs to date.

Of course, if Cody keeps hitting righties the way he has done recently, the auditions for the other players won't matter at all.