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The Right Side of the Infield Rankings

The Sporting News made its call on the the most exciting tandem to man the right side of the infield.  In other words, the third base and shortstop combination.

(Via Teleportools)  Here is how they break it down:

Righteous left sides

Ranking the majors' exciting third base-shortstop combinations:

  1. SS Jose Reyes and 3B David Wright, Mets. They both have speed, power, Gold Glove ability and a good work ethic.
  2. SS Derek Jeter and 3B Alex Rodriguez, Yankees. These guys are great at the plate but don't quite measure up to Reyes and Wright on the bases.
  3. Ramirez and Cabrera, Marlins. They are young and can hit with anyone but need polish on defense.
  4. SS Orlando Cabrera and 3B Chone Figgins, Angels. This Cabrera is the heart of a first-place team. Figgins has been flirting with .400 since May 31.
  5. SS Edgar Renteria and 3B Chipper Jones, Braves. Both are hitting well above .300. If only they could stay healthy.

Third ain't bad when all thirty teams are considered.  Obviously, offensive stats weighed heavier than defensive stats and maybe they should.

But anyway, that is what the Sporting News had to say and Cabrera and Ramirez finished in the money.  (It's a horse racing term.)