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Day Off Today

The Marlins have an Off Day Today in the City of Brotherly Love.  While I have never found Philadelphia to live up to its moniker, of course, that maybe more a function of me than the city itself.

The day of rest should help out the bullpen who, unfortunately, will probably be called upon many times before the end of the season.  That's what happens to when the starting staff is injured and the one's trying to hang in there are out of gas.

But if nothing else, it will give the players a chance to gorge on cheese steaks.

This is the usual Off Day Open Thread so feel free to discuss whatever your heart desires.  However, if commenting isn't your thing, you might enjoy reading what our friends have to say.

Photi mentions the ticket price increase unless you hurry.  I completely missed this one.   But in my defense, it was on a weekend and I'm lazy that way.

Maverick makes his case for why John Baker should have been called up.

Fish@Bat reports on the most unfortunate and very sad occurrence that befell, former Marlin, Juan Encarnacion.

Last but definitely not least, GameFish gives a take on Benitez, as only GameFish can do.

As always, have a great day!