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Treanor ready to go on Friday?

The organization is still assessing whether Treanor will be able to be behind the dish come Friday.

It's looking good for Matt Treanor to be available for Friday's game at Philadelphia.

Treanor got banged up on Sunday during a collision at home plate in a win over the Phillies. Treanor was running the bases and he suffered a bruise just above his left knee.

On Wednesday, he was riding the exercise bike, and he did some catching drills. If he shows he can block balls in the dirt and move around freely, he should be ready for Friday.

Gonzalez has yet to decide if he would start Treanor. Typically, he is behind the plate when Byung-Hyun Kim is on the mound. Kim is slated to pitch.

Hopefully he will be, 'cause I've seen Olivo trying to catch Kim and it wasn't pretty.  But I will say this: since Olivo has finally read the writing on the wall, he is doing a little better at holding on to throws and blocking pitches in the dirt.  But it is really too little too late.