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Marlins visit Walter Reed Hospital

The Marlins continue to do all the good.

A group of Marlins visited with injured soldiers Tuesday at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Olsen described the experience as an ''eye-opener,'' and Gonzalez called it ``humbling.''

''It was probably as good for us as it was for them,'' Gonzalez said.

Joining Olsen and Gonzalez on the tour of the medical facility were Willis, Sergio Mitre, Taylor Tankersley, Kevin Gregg and Rick VandenHurk; special assistants Tony Perez and Andre Dawson; trainer Sean Cunningham; traveling secretary Bill Beck; and director of media relations Matt Roebuck.

Gonzalez said Willis and Dawson were the most popular members of the group.

''There are Cubs fans everywhere,'' Gonzalez said of Dawson, a former Cub.

I have never failed to be impressed by the acts the kindest the players show to others, and it doesn't matter where they are located.  Whether it was in Houston with the victims of Hurricane Katrina a couple of years ago or visiting Walter Reed in D.C.  The players try to spread any joy and hope they can.

The Marlins may make mistakes on the field from time to time, but they do everything right for the stuff that really matters.