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Call-ups Galore

As Maverick reported in yesterday's Open Thread and you may have noticed if watched the game, the Marlins have made some additions to the team.

On Monday, relievers Harvey Garcia and Chris Seddon were added to the roster, as well as catcher Paul Hoover.

However the early reports of Gaby Hernandez and Chris Volstad joining the team have changed.

Just don't expect to see highly touted prospects Gaby Hernandez and Chris Volstad making their Major League debuts anytime this month.

Voldstad and Hernandez are among the young pitchers being shut down the rest of the way, said Jim Fleming, Marlins vice president of player development and scouting.

This is probably for the best since Volstad has already thrown 163.2 innings this season and with the injury nexus being around 170 innings there is no need to risk his arm.

Hernandez's workload has been a little lighter at 153.2 innings pitched.  But considering he only threw 113.1 innings last season and clubs generally don't like to extend a pitcher more than 30 innings above the previous season's total, he's done.

On a purely selfish note: I would've like to see them pitch, but there is always next year.

In other news, four more players from the Minors are expected to join the club for tonight's game.

Four players that were key to the Albuquerque Isotopes' dramatic pennant run will continue their seasons in the Major Leagues, as Reggie Abercrombie, Robert Andino, Brett Carroll, and Ross Wolf have been called up to the Florida Marlins and will join the big league team tomorrow.

The way Hermida and Ross are hitting and if Willingham's back holds in there, it could be hard for the two outfielders to see a lot of action.  But I do hope that Carroll will get some playing time.  If for no other reason, it is fun to watch him throw.

If you unfamiliar with our four newest additions, head on over to Future Fish and Maverick will fill you in.