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Front Office Moves

Normally I don't post on the weekend because that is my time to rest but the Marlins front office will have none of that.  

If you read yesterday's comments you already know most of this since Mbaamin, Fishcrazy, HadMatter, Bumppo and Dan did an excellent job of covering it.  Kudos guys.

But anyway here it is:

Showing a commitment to continuity in the front office, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria on Saturday said the organization has extended the contracts of four top executives through the 2015 season.


Effectively immediately, Larry Beinfest is now team president, baseball operations. Michael Hill is now the vice president, general manager. Dan Jennings assumes the title of vice president, player personnel and assistant general manager. And Jim Fleming is the vice president, player development and scouting and assistant general manager.

Besides the new nifty titles and presumable pay raises it also means something else.

In exchange for the long-term security, those guys basically are giving up the right to pursue jobs heading up other organizations.

Other than that, nothing has changed and the hierarchal structure remains the same.

Samson is still Team president and will have nothing to do with the baseball operations and he never has.  Apparently, his duties will remain the same: to continue infuriating and humiliating us in public.