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Final Note about the Cubs

I love playing the Cubs!  

I really don't want to be a crappy winner and I especially don't like dancing in other people's tears, but given that the Cubs are probably going to win their division anyway, I can probably get away with this without too much karmic reprisal.

After yesterday's game Lou Piniella had this to say:

"This team, here," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said of the Marlins, "I don't know how they have lost 90 games.

Let's see if I can help you out with this one Lou: THE MARLINS DON'T PLAY IN THE PATHETIC NL CENTRAL!  Maybe if we did, we would've won 83 games at this point in the season too.

But enough with Lou, now on to other things.  In case you haven't heard it or read it somewhere else the Marlins are the bane of the Cubs existence.  And I'm not talking about 2003, though that does factor in there somewhere.

The Marlins have beaten the Cubs 10 in a row, tying their longest winning streak against another team. It was their first sweep since they swept the Cubs in Chicago, May 28-30.

Good times.