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A Four-Team tie is possible

This somehow seems Marlins related because if it happens, the Marlins will have played a part.  The article below was written before last night's games, but unless I'm missing something, there is no way that Colorado and Arizona can finish with the same record, but a four-way tie is definitely possible.

5-TEAM TIEBREAKER: Here's a scenario that could mess up baseball's postseason schedule: Imagine if Arizona, Colorado, the New York Mets, Philadelphia and San Diego finish with the same record. That would create ties in the NL East, NL West and wild-card race, necessitating four days of tiebreaker games to determine postseason berths. The NL East is the easiest: The Mets would play Monday at Philadelphia. In the West, the team with the best head-to-head record against the others (because Arizona plays Colorado this weekend, that's yet to be determined), gets to choose whether it prefers one tiebreaker road game or two home games. Presumably, the team with the choice would take one road game. Monday's winner would then host the club with the bye on Tuesday for the NL West title.

One way for this to happen, the Mets sweep the Marlins, not likely.  As well the Phillies sweeping the Nationals, doubtful.  The Padres winning two of the remaining three games with the Brewers, of course this requires Milwaukee to wake up and actually win a games in the set.  And finally Colorado taking them all from the Diamondbacks. If Arizona takes one and only one game in the series and the rest of the above happens, it will be Arizona instead of Colorado in the four-way tie.

If all of this happens, the four teams will have a record of 90-72.  This is highly unlikely but it wouldn't be surprising to see a couple of them tied at the end of the season.  Most likely it will be the Mets and the Phillies after they get swept by the Marlins and the Nationals, or at least that is what I hope.