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The Boys are learning that pitching thing

Well actually, Gardner probably already knew, but Lindstrom is coming around very nicely.

In 27 appearances since July 24, Gardner is 1-2 with a 1.05 ERA and a save. His 1.99 ERA is third in the NL for relievers with at least 70 innings.

"I've widened the plate a little," Gardner said, "and I've dropped my slider down from 86 mph to 82 mph occasionally."

In 19 appearances since Aug. 7, Matt Lindstrom is 2-1 with a save and a 1.35 ERA. He has 14 strikeouts and one walk. He had a streak of 12 scoreless innings.

"I'm mixing the slider and split up more with the fastball," Lindstrom said, " to keep hitters off balance."

"It's starting to come together..."

First off, you didn't really think I would go the entire season without making a reference to Major League, did you?

Secondly, this can only bode well for the team next year. This year wasn't about winning the World Series again, though that would've been nice. It was/is about making the guys better able to compete with the best. Of course the cynic would point out it seemed to be more about making Dr. Andrews a wealthier man, but we don't talk to him.