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We already know that Scott Olsen hates the Phillies (the team), but Logan Kensing has his own windmill to slay.

Logan Kensing wasn't the least bit concerned about the last-place Marlins sending Cubs fans into a panic over the possibility of another late-season collapse.

"I cannot stand Cubs fans,'' the Florida reliever said after the Marlins dealt another blow to Chicago's division hopes with a 7-4 victory Wednesday night.

I can really appreciate Kensing's sentiment here.  But the weird thing is that the few Cubs fans that I have either met in person or through the internets, I like.

Maybe Agent K was completely correct: A person is smart. People are dumb...

The good news for the Cubs fans in attendance is that Kensing won't throw at you.  As for the Phillies, don't dig in, Olsen will.