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Jim Beattie new bullpen coach

Oh, this gets special -- read on.

The Palm Beach post has this take:

The Marlins might have the most overqualified bullpen coach in baseball history: Jim Beattie, the former Montreal Expos and Baltimore Orioles general manager.

Two years after leaving his GM stint in Baltimore, Beattie on Wednesday pulled on a Marlins uniform to serve the final five games of the season as bullpen coach.

"I said, 'If you need anybody to take his place in the bullpen, I could come down. I've got experience. I could at least look at some pitching and tell you what I see,'''' said Beattie, who didn't rule out the possibility of throwing in his candidacy for pitching coach next year.

From the official site:

While the Marlins plan to address the 2008 pitching coach situation after the season ends on Sunday, Beattie appears to be in position to be a candidate.

And finally from the Miami Herald:

Beattie worked with Beinfest in Seattle and Montreal, where Beattie was general manager for four seasons.

He said there are no plans to remain long-term with the Marlins. Beattie has never worked as a coach or manager at any level.

I think the Miami Herald has this one right. There is next to no way that Beattie will get the pitching coach job for the Marlins.  Sure, he is a "friend" of Beinfest and major league baseball is known for its cronyism, but this ain't goin' to happen.

The organization will not, or at least, should not put the young arms under the care of a person who has never coached before at any level.  This is just a five game fill-in tour to help out a "friend".  Nothing more -- I hope.