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Cody Ross could be Center Field

It is very possible that Cody could be the Marlins main center fielder next season.

The Marlins haven't decided their '08 plans in center field, but Cody Ross (.335 entering Tuesday) has emerged as a ''good candidate,'' Fredi Gonzalez said Tuesday.

After watching some of the replay of last night's game and hearing Beinfest, more or less, back this up when answering the questions in the email portion of the show about next season's center fielder.  When being asked the specific question about Ross being the everyday center fielder for next season, he responded: "Why not?"

Which probably means the organization won't actively pursue a center fielder in the offseason.

Cody being the starting center fielder isn't a problem as long as he can stay healthy and continue to hit right-handed pitching.  Ross has decent enough range and a strong arm and maybe playing most everyday would help him in avoiding injuries.  And it would be a bit different to have someone with consistent power roaming the Bermuda Triangle.