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Benitez still battling Back Problems

Benitez is still have some issues with his back but it appears to be improving.

Armando Benitez's stiff back is improving, but Gonzalez still isn't sure if the right-hander will appear again this season.


"I would like to see him healthy and at least show the league that he's healthy," Gonzalez said. "For his sake and for his future, if he can do it, come in throw an inning and show everyone, 'Hey, I'm good to go.'"

Since joining the Marlins in late May, Benitez is 2-5 with a 5.73 ERA in 33 innings. He's a free agent after the season.

Assuming that inning he is going to throw is meaningless, I'm all for helping someone out.  But let's not forget that integrity of the game thing.

Just in case you didn't read this site yesterday, the integrity of the game shouldn't matter when it comes to Mitre.  The Marlins need Mitre for next season, as opposed to Benitez who will be supplying his wares for some other team in the 2008 season.