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Marlins unsure with Mitre

The Marlins are still trying to decide what to do with Mitre, though it seems obvious to me.

When it comes to Sergio Mitre, the organization remains up in the air on whether to give the right-hander one more outing or completely shut him down.

Mitre was in line to start on Thursday against the Mets at Dolphin Stadium, but those plans were scratched.

At 27 starts and 149 innings, Mitre has been held back.

"We're making sure we do the right thing to not get him hurt," Gonzalez said.

Mitre has been long tossing and conditioning as if he will pitch again. Gonzalez is weighing whether Mitre would benefit by one more start where he is on a strict pitch count, or whether he could log another inning or two out of the bullpen.

Let me help here: Shut Him Down!

He pitched pretty well in his last outing after nine days of rest going 4.2 innings and only giving up one earned run.  So he is probably not hurt but has a "tired arm" and there is no reason to risk injury.  The Marlins are going to need him next year especially since Johnson won't be back and Sanchez is extremely iffy.  And let's face it, he has already thrown 108 innings more than last season.

Yeah, I know about that integrity of the game crap when facing teams in playoff contention but no where is it written that a team must risk its next year's rotation to meet that credo.

If someone from the front office has to call to the commissioner's office to explain why the Marlins are starting rookies, then so be it.  The Astros did it yesterday and MLB understood.

They will in the case of Mitre too.