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This is just strange to me:

Once, upon discovering outfielder Juan Encarnacion gripped a baseball with only one finger wrapped across the top (as opposed to the customary two), former Marlins reliever Toby Borland was heard to exclaim, ``The only way anyone can throw a ball like that is if their finger is shaped like a beaver tail!''

Well, as it turns out, Encarnacion was the first Marlins outfielder to throw the ball by using only his index finger to guide it from above. But he wasn't the last.

Reggie Abercrombie does the same, much to the astonishment of baseball insiders.

''That's the only way I can throw accurately,'' Abercrombie explained. ``If I throw it with two fingers, it cuts [curves away from its intended target].''

You have got to be kidding, that is just weird.  I have never heard of such.  But I can guarantee you this, I'm going to search around the house and find a baseball and give this a try.  However, something gives me the idea it will be a complete disaster.

Anyone ever heard of player using the above grip to throw a baseball in from the outfield before?  It is news to me.